The 26th Lesson

Another trip around the sun and I’m another year old. If you remember last year on my 25th Birthday, I wrote a blog post with 25 lessons I’ve learned over the past 25 years; now that another birthday has passed, it’s time to add a new lesson.

Looking back at year 25, there were a lot of highs – like going to my first Super Bowl and watching my guy get a ring. There were also a lot of lows – like injuring my knee right before a big move. There were countless more moments that brought me a whole different range of feelings & experiences – some good and some bad. I’m a believer that the experiences we go through don’t happen by accident. The universe has clever ways of trying to teach us important lessons that we should carry with us as life goes on. So now that another year has gone by, one lesson that I’ve learned (and quite honestly am still learning) is that I’m stronger than I think I am, I just need to realize it. 

These past couple months have honestly been some of the most difficult months I’ve had in a long time. Since injuring my knee by tearing my ACL, MCL, PCL, and meniscus, there have been drastic changes to my lifestyle. One big change I’m living with is the chronic knee pain. I use to take long walks with my dogs on the daily, now most of my days are spent either at home or physical therapy. The healing process for my knee is a long painful road, but through it all, it made me realize something: I’ve become comfortable with being comfortable. I don’t have the best track record of dealing with high stress situations. My boyfriend and I actually joke about how easily stressed out I get – especially in comparison to his “cool under pressure no matter what” attitude.  I have my routine, and when my routine gets interrupted, my first thought is to panic. This leg injury has completely flipped my routine upside down, and a big part of my healing process is walking into the unknown and just taking it day by day. There will  be good days, there will be bad days. What matters is how well you deal with each passing moment.

My faith is my strength, no matter what the situation. Without God, nothing is possible. I find myself turning to him more than I ever have this past year. God helps remind me that I’m stronger than I give myself credit for. It was a particularly painful day at physical therapy last week, and I just felt defeated. I was in tears, stressed out because I’m not as far along in regaining my range of motion back in my knee than I’d like to be; I felt like giving up and going home. I took a break, cried it out some more, and just asked God for help.Then I sat there just thinking… think about not just today at physical therapy, or this annoying knee pain, but thinking about the totality of my life. Growing up wasn’t always the easiest, and I’ve been through things that would make this knee injury look like a paper cut – and through all those tough moments, I’ve always made it through the other side. Sometimes I need a reminder that I’ve survived 100% of the bad days I’ve had so far, so these bad days won’t be any different.

There have been tough moments in this crazy NFL life I live with my boyfriend. Being uncomfortable with change will not get you far in this lifestyle because things could (& have) changed for us in the blink of an eye. Injuring my knee was just the reminder that I needed that life will through BS at you at times. Whether it’s injuring your knee, being fired from a job, breaking up with your significant other, whatever – life will come with it’s fair share of pain and tough moments. One thing we cannot do is to let those tough moments define or defeat us. Tough moments never last, neither do happy ones; life is a collection of passing moments all tied together. It’s how we deal with these moments, no matter what they may be, is what’s important.

Though this knee injury was not the highlight of this year, it’s given me important lessons to carry on into year 26. God will never give you anything he knew you could not handle. I’m stronger than I realize, we all are.

Looking forward, I’m ready to see what lessons year 26 has for me, and by my 27th birthday, I just pray I’m another year wiser.

Me on my 26th Birthday
Me on my 26th Birthday

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