Super Bowl Ring Ceremony

The Super Bowl Ring Ceremony… Wow. It was everything I imagined it would be and then some. From being waived at the beginning of the season to Super Bowl CHAMPS, what a journey this season has been. I am beyond thankful for God, my guy, our Agent Dave Canter (DEC Sports Management), and all our friends and family who supported us every step of the way; without them all, this moment wouldn’t be possible.

I took about a million pictures.I knew this moment wouldn’t last forever, but the memories are everlasting and I want to treasure this special moment always. Now that the hard work of achieving a Super Bowl win was over, it was time to enjoy and celebrate! This blog post will be mainly told in pictures; there were so many amazing moments and I wanted to capture and share them all. 

I also had artwork done by the amazing Emma Kenny to commemorate the Super Bowl win and she absolutely killed it – even nailed a couple of my signature hairstyles!



Okay, back to the Ring Ceremony…

What do I even wear to such an event?  I’ll be the first to tell you – I have ZERO fashion sense; I’m more of a fitness wear kinda girl. Lucky for me, I have instagram friends with a LOT more style than me. On my instagram, I had polls with outfit and shoe options, and my instagram family came THROUGH and helped me pick the perfect look for tonight!




Kamalu and I are not really dressy people, but when we clean up, we clean up nice if I do say so myself.


Typical Bloopers lol…


We took a party bus with a couple of his teammates and their spouses to the ceremony, and it was so much fun!



When we finally arrived, it was in full swing with live music, hors d’oeuvres, and excitement in the air. The event started outside, it was a beautiful day perfect for this grand event.


The decor was beautiful and spirited!


Of course, we had to take pictures in front of not only this years trophy, but all 6 earned by the Patriots in their previous championship years. To be in the presence of so much greatness was amazing, and humbling.


Of course…. this was one of my favorite parts of the whole night because…. food.



The party moved inside for the actual ceremony to begin. If you thought outside of the event was grand, the inside was breathtaking.


They had our names on our tables so that we could find our seats and begin. Dinner was amazing. We had a salad for starters, and then the most delicious salmon dinner.


We listened to speeches from many great people: Robert Kraft, Tom Brady, Gronk; and we watched the most amazing highlight video of the season.


This is my favorite part from Robert Krafts speech- when he said the phrase that has turned into the battle cry for last season “WE’RE STILL HERE!”. I love it because the Patriots faced a lot of hardships early on in the season to the point where many sports commentators were already counting the Pats out of the running for Super Bowl Champs. The Pats ignored the noise, and proved to everyone that “WE’RE STILL HERE”!



The moment they finally brought out the rings… there’s literally no words to adequately describe that moment. It was overwhelming to say the least, but oh so exciting!



Given all the hardships we faced this season, to see Kamalu finally put on his ring filled my heart with so much happiness, love, and gratitude.



Of course I had to try it on too, it was such an honor!



They had the most spectacular fireworks display and during that moment, I just thanked God for everything he has done for us this season. Without him, we would be no where. Thank you LORD for everything.



The guys celebrating their rings


The party wasn’t over yet! We had LIVE performances from T.I and Migos and it was too lit! I don’t go to a lot of concerts, so I was super excited to watch their performances up close!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2 Dreamers out of University of Miami finally got the ring. I couldn’t be more grateful and proud of my Super Bowl Champion and the Patriots!



Thanks so much for reading,


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