Super Bowl LIII – The Perfect Ending to a Long Journey

Where do I even begin…. Super Bowl LIII was a dream come true. If you would’ve told me at the beginning of last football season, that we’d be Super Bowl Champs, I probably would have laughed in your face and be upset at you for making such a cruel joke. That’s because a majority of last season wasn’t spent on the football field or going to games to support my man; a lot of last season was spent jobless.

We started out last season optimistic and eager to begin our 3rd season with the Texans, but after the end of training camp, Kamalu was waived (read about that experience here). It was a painful experience because Kamalu and I absolutely adore the Texans and still do. They were the team that took a chance on an undrafted free agent all those years ago and not only made his NFL dreams come true, but also turned him into the player he is today. We will ALWAYS be grateful for the Texans and the people in the organization – they made us feel like family – but with NFL life, being cut is simply a part of it from time to time.

Fast forward to 8 different flights to 8 different teams, being signed then cut by one, and finally ending up with the Patriots on the last month of the regular season… Whew, what a journey that was, but to finally find a new home with the Patriots just in time for playoffs was in itself, a dream come true.




Playoffs came and I had no idea what to expect… the Patriots are a damn good team, but the reality of actually making it to the Super Bowl wasn’t a tangible goal I could even begin to form in my mind. Kamalu and I were just grateful for the experience and whatever happened next… and guess what? – THE PATS BEAT THE CHIEFS!!! Super Bowl LIII here we come!!!!

Super Bowl LIII Here We Come!

When I Arrived in Atlanta for the Super Bowl, it still didn’t feel real. I hardly recognized the city I’ve visited with Kamalu many times before (he has a house and family in the city). The city was full of people, fun events, and SO much excitement – it was surreal.




There were SO many events during the week. From fashion shows, to the NFL experience, but my all time favorite event was Team Picture Day! Finally seeing Kamalu in his Super Bowl LIII jersey made it that much more real that we could actually become Super Bowl Champs – like we’re actually HERE. I wanted to savor the moment forever – I took as many pictures as I could because I always want to remember this special day.




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Fast forward to the day of the game… The day had finally come and I barely knew what to feel. Excited? Nervous? Either way, I was just grateful to be there and ready to BEAT THE RAMS!






Kamalu managed to hook me and my game day buddy up in a suite for the game and oh boy! – it was quite the experience!




The pregame experience was magical. We came early and got to watch the stadium fill up. You could literally feel the excitement levels rising as more people came in.



The game was a NAIL BITER! It was so anxiety producing, but amazing to watch! When halftime came, I had no idea what to expect. I’ve seen the half time performances on TV, but to be here watching it in a suite live at the Super Bowl is a whole other beast. I was so caught up with the disbelief that I was actually here, that I forgot to find out who was performing! – LOL. Getting to see Maroon 5 & Travis Scott live was beyond a dream.

When halftime was over, it was time to get back to business. It was a close game the WHOLE ENTIRE TIME. The Rams put up one hell of a fight and it was so great to see 2 amazing teams fighting for the Lombardi – BUT – it was an interception by the Patriots that finally solidified our path to a Super Bowl WIN!



Glory be to GOD – we were Super Bowl CHAMPS! 


It did not feel real. From where we started, to where we finished, it was nothing short of God’s grace and Kamalu’s hard work to be here finally paying off. Kamalu had the weight of the world on his shoulders throughout the whole season… all the workouts without knowing when “the call” would come… all the flights, false hope, multiple let downs, and he did not fold – not ONCE. To see his dream finally come to fruition, the feeling was indescribable.


We are so thankful for all the love and support we received from our family, friends, and social media. When the times were dark and we didn’t know what was coming next, someone was always there with a kind word and inspiration to give us the motivation to keep pushing forward. This was Kamalu’s dream, and to be able to be apart of the journey is the biggest blessing. I am so grateful for all of it – not just the victories – ALL OF IT. No matter what happens next season, I know Kamalu and I are strong enough to keep on pushing, and keep on dreaming for bigger and better.

Thank you so much for reading!



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