Colorado- A MUST Visit

Traveling is something Kamalu and I are trying to do more of. We can be such homebodies, but home is where the heart is – am I right?  But seriously, it’s always a good thing and a cherished privilege to see different parts of our wonderful planet that doesn’t include our neighborhood. Kamalu and I already did our big trip for the off season – a 2 week cruise to islands in the Caribbean. Now that OTA’s (Organized Team Activities before the official training camp starts in the NFL) are over, there’s a little bit of a gap before training camp – and we use that gap as an opportunity to also visit our close friends!

Denver, Colorado was the final decision for my  girls trip & my friend Kendall who has family there reached out to me about it at the PERFECT time.

Colorado was everything I hoped it would be and more. It started with Kendall and her sister Kassidy picking me up from the airport, and that’s when our adventure began….


We stayed at their parents place and all I can say is – WOW. The house sat on about 10 acres of peace, tranquility, and – most importantly – the prettiest VIEWS; I was left speechless by the beauty surrounding her home.



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We first went to explore Castlewood Canyon Park – located outside of Denver. We hiked up a trail on a rocky mountain side. This adventure really pushed me out of my comfort zone because there were moments on the hike where I needed to be brave and keep pushing (seriously, there were some moments where I was like “if I fall, I could seriously get hurt or worse)! I’m glad I kept pushing though, because once we got to the top, the view was so beautiful, it left me speechless (or maybe I was too busy catching my breath lol).



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Many of our evenings were spent with a cold drink, good laughs, cute dogs, and nature walks around her neighborhood. Times like this is when I take time to appreciate the small pleasures and beauty in our world – especially Colorado.




We eventually made it out to the more busy and urban side of Denver, and it was a beautiful city filled with so much culture.



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I was sad to leave Colorado, but I am forever grateful that I was able to go and spend quality time with quality friends. I met Kendall through this crazy NFL life (her boyfriend use to play with mine on the Texans, now he’s currently with the Jaguars). The NFL life is crazy and unpredictable, so when you find friends who offer you peace of mind and stability, those are the ones you are forever grateful for. I’m so thankful that I got a chance to spend a couple days with an old friend, and also making a new friend in the process!



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Thank you so much for reading and I hope you get a chance to experience the beauty that is Colorado as well!







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