A Latte Cocoa- A Girl Boss For A Good Cause

When starting my blog, my original hopes for it were to just write the occasional post about some of my favorite recipes and a little about Kamalu & I’s life going through the NFL… I had no idea it would grow into so many different things I wanted to share with you all. I’ve connected with a few amazing companies, and more importantly, amazing people. One amazing person I met through this blogging journey really stuck with me.

Introducing the Brand: A Latte Cocoa (Link to her Instagram for more details)

Founder: Crystal H.

Crystal H. is the GIRL BOSS behind such an incredible brand; and the only thing better than being a girl boss is being a girl boss for a GOOD CAUSE. We met through a friend who put me in touch with her because she knew I’d be interested in the accessories she creates, but her brand is so much more than that. Other than selling amazing cute accessories perfect for any style, she also donates a portion of each sale to women charities. Women supporting other women is such a beautiful thing, and she truly is an inspiration to me, and I hope her story will inspire you.

Screen Grab from Her Instagram @ALatteCocoa

Read more about her story below.

The Inspiration Behind the Brand

In January 2017, my mother was diagnosed with uterine cancer. This was incredibly difficult news to swallow, as I had already lost my father as a teenager. I knew that this signaled a challenging journey ahead of all of us, but I also know that with God’s grace, and my mother’s strength, she would triumph!

I’m so grateful that she is currently on the path of recovery and healing – I could not have asked for a greater gift! At least, I had thought her healing would be the only gift I would receive, but I was incorrect.

In March 2017, A Latte Cocoa was born when God gave me the vision to create a line of accessories not only to empower women but also to help support women’s health. The creation of my handmade accessories line was inspired by witnessing my mother’s strength throughout her cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Through this experience, I’ve learned that we as women may experience a multitude of hardships, pitfalls, and challenges, but we will always prevail! We are strong, beautiful, and courageous. We are queens, and I want to honor that with A Latte Cocoa.

With everything I create, my profits are donated to support women who can’t afford medical/health services. If I can help one woman, excellent, if I can help a thousand, job well done. Although, I know I can’t save the world, I do believe that we are put on this earth to be a blessing to those around us, and living a purpose-filled life is beyond fulfilling for me.

Down Below are a couple of questions I asked her. She really is such an inspirational girl boss.

  1. How long have you been designing purses/accessories 


I have been designing purses/accessories since March of 2017. I can’t believe it’s been a year already, I feel like I just started yesterday!!

  1. What is your inspiration behind starting this business?- what made you take the leap to be your own Girl Boss?

My inspiration behind starting my business is my mother. Cancer changes lives immediately, and often you’re left wondering why my loved one, why us? Watching my mother throughout her journey, and other women that were battling this illness was a pivotal point for me. I began to think about all the things I could do to help make this passage in their lives less daunting. At that moment, that’s when I realized I could create things purely out of love, in order to ease the financial burden associated with treatment. All I needed was a vision, my notebook, meditation, prayer, and God. It worked. A Latte Cocoa was born, and I want to help as many women as I can for as long as I live.

  1. Give as much or as little information about your mom (if you don’t mind sharing)

My mother is phenomenal! Not only did she raise all of her children working several jobs as a young widow after the death of my father, but she did it with such grace. Never allowing us to see her sadness, but always her strength. Showing us, and everyone she’s ever encountered that anything is possible. Most importantly, NEVER, EVER, GIVE UP! As I’ve mentioned in my synopsis of how I got started, in January 2017, my mother was diagnosed with uterine cancer. This was incredibly difficult news to swallow, but I knew she’d fight with every breath in her body. She is a fighter, and continues to press on, regardless of life’s challenges. I am so thankful for 3 clear screenings, and beyond grateful for God’s grace.

  1. What are your hopes for your brand


I really hope to connect, inspire, and empower women. I would be thrilled to connect with other women entrepreneurs that are driven to help others through charitable work. I would love more than anything to donate to as many charities in support of women’s health as I can. I know this will not be easy, but I am up for the task!

  1. Explain your passion about giving part of your proceeds to charity

I was raised knowing the importance of giving. We all have the ability to help others in some capacity, so why not? Plant a seed, water it, and it will grow. I apply that same philosophy to charitable contributions. Especially, charities that support the research, or additional services for cancer patients. Every little bit counts!

  1. Any other information you want the readers to know about what you do!

Yes! If there are any individual’s that would be willing to network, connect, or collaborate, I’d love to hear for you! I am ALWAYS thrilled to work with other women entrepreneurs, especially those who participate in charitable work. Superheroes are so much stronger when they don’t have to work alone, and together, so many lives can be positively affected!!

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