Why I Blog

Life is such an amazing gift that is ever changing. You may find yourself in one situation, but then in the blink of an eye, you’re in a whole completely different situation. That’s basically how my life has always been: fast moving, ever changing, and sometimes chaotic.  I’ve moved around a lot, traveled a lot (mostly thanks to cheering in college), and been in some very interesting situations.

You know when you go on Facebook and sometimes they’ll show you a (probably embarrassing) Facebook status that you wrote years ago on that exact same day? – That’s why I blog. I love documenting things that at the moment, seem like my whole life, but are temporary in the grand scheme of things; moments don’t last forever, but the memories are everlasting.

I wish I started blogging in college writing about what it was like to do the usual college student struggle. Lord knows I thought those days would last forever. I remember the living situation for my Junior Year and the Summer after it; I lived with Kamalu mainly. Imagine having all your belongings for 2 people (and our first dog) all crammed in a dorm room made for 1? Crazy right?- but we made it work. Those were actually fun times back then, just doing life with my favorite person in a room the size of a box (okay well it wasn’t THAT small, but it was still a tight fit). We had little money but we always found a way to make it work. Those days seemed to last FOREVER, but like all moments, it ended.

Looking at where we are today, 2 dogs, 2 states, 2 apartments, 1 townhouse, and finally a home later, it is remarkable to just look at how much we’ve grown. Though, even this moment we are living in right now won’t last. NFL life isn’t forever, this definitely won’t be the last place we live, things grow, and people change; but writing about the moments you have right now – whether it be a random recipe I just happen to be loving that week, or a blog post about Kamalu’s NFL journey – those are the moments that matter, because they form memories to last a lifetime.

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I remember when I was writing my Off Season Training Goals blog post. When I was writing it, I was kind of nervous, because what if we didn’t reach any of our goals we had set? I was nervous. Here I am talking about going to the gym, but what if I quit? What If Kamalu didn’t reach the goals I was writing about with his career? The answer to that is simple – IT’S OKAY! My only goals are to write about my story, my life, and where I am in that moment, and seeing which direction I head into next. There could be a moment where I hit my fitness goals and on track, but there will always be moments where I fall off of track. There will be moments where Kamalu is on a team grinding and going to work, and there may be setbacks where he may not be playing at all (though praying that will not be the case for him – or anybody really, NFL life is tough- just the nature of the beast).

I would encourage everyone to blog, or at the very least, keep some sort of journal. When you right things down, you can see how much you’ve changed since you wrote it. I keep a prayer journal as well. It’s amazing how some of the things I’ve prayed for in the past, I have now. It’s also amazing how somethings I use to pray for and thought were super important, weren’t important at all and God had another plan in mind.

Long story short: Write, or take pictures, keep a diary or a journal. Write about what you love; write about what you hope for. You never really know how much you’ve grown until you remember where you started from!

Thanks for reading!


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2 thoughts on “Why I Blog

  1. Anna I love this. Life is full of surprises and does go by fast. You’re blog and pictures will be so great to look back on and show your children and grandchildren.

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    1. Thank you so much!! I just want a place to write and look back at how far I’ve grown. How at one moment, it could look like this is what my life is all about, but then it completely changes! Life is full of surprises and new moments & I hope to capture as much as I can! ❤️


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