Aruba…and So Much More

The last island I visited was Aruba and it was absolutely stunning in every aspect. It’s a small island in the southern part of the Caribbean Sea with a population of about 105,000 and measuring 1,585 square miles. I had the opportunity to first visit the Arikok National Park, and it literally took my breath away. It’s so big and rustic, you literally need an ATV or a jeep just to gain access to some places; we chose an ATV as our method of transportation and it was one of the most exhilarating moments of my life. I also got to see a breathtaking butterfly farm they had there and it made for great pictures.


Though, this post is a lot more than about the cool scenery and basic facts about Aruba, because this particular island gave me so much more. To truly understand what I gained from Aruba, you have to know me first. I’m one who’s always been afraid to take risks; I’m always double guessing myself; I sometimes have the tendency to fill my head with doubt about a multitude of things ranging from my purpose to life, to the most basic aspects of me. While I was at Aruba, I did things I never ever EVER thought I was capable of doing. I drove an ATV through rough terrain; I raced mopeds with new friends I made; I went out as far as I possibly could in the ocean and just floated (I didn’t even realize I knew how to swim because for a long time, I didn’t think I could); I danced in the streets; I yelled at the top of my lungs; I did things I never ever could imagine.


One thing Aruba, and really this whole trip, taught me is that – you should never be afraid to live your life the way YOU want to. You can’t always live life afraid and worried about things you really have no control over. This trip also taught me that the world is so so SO much bigger than me, my insecurities, and my own selfish wants, needs, and desires. There is a WHOLE entire world out there filled with all sorts of amazing and inspiring people; it’s crazy that I’m really only beginning to understand that because I’ve always been consumed with me, myself, and what was happening in my immediate surroundings.


So to conclude: Thank you St. Maarten. Thank you Antigua. Thank you St. Lucia. Thank you Barbados. Thank you Bonaire. Thank you Curaçao. Thank you Aruba. You taught me about not only about your beauty and history, but also about myself and made me learn priceless life-long lessons I’ll forever treasure.


Can’t wait for my next adventure… wherever that may be. Until then, enjoy some photos of Aruba I took!

What I Saw:

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Arikok National Park:

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Butterfly Farm:

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Aruba on Valentine’s Day:

What I Wore:


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