Barbados is another island in the Lesser Antilles filled with so much beauty and wonder. It’s only 167 square miles, and though small in size, it’s the birth place of one of the biggest stars today – Rihanna Fenty. With a population of about 285,000, it is a bustling vibrant island filled with beautiful people. When I stepped off the ship and explored deeper into the island, I immediately felt like home. We passed local fish market where local fishermen would sell their catches of the day; we saw women selling fresh produce and jewelry; I wanted to take in as much of the beautiful culture as I could. As we walked deeper into the island, we made friends with 2 local girls who pointed us in the direction of a beauty salon so I could get my hair braided. The hair salon was my favorite part because everyone in there talked and laughed like family (me included)! We talked and laugh about typical things ladies talk about when at the salon. I never wanted to leave. Once finished, I felt more beautiful than I’ve ever felt in a long time – she was definitely skilled at her craft.


Thank you so much Barbados for being so beautiful and welcoming – I will definitely come back again. Until then… enjoy some pictures from beautiful Barbados. Up next – Bonaire here we come!

What I Saw:

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Hair Salon:

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What I Ate:

Baked Chicken and Rice



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