Antigua is a small country in the Caribbean (about only 14 miles long and 11 miles wide) with a population of about 91,000. We visited the Capital – St. Johns. It is a beautiful busy city with an urban feel. Most of the population of this country are from African descent because of the slave trade; the country was well known for its abundance in sugar cane, so Europeans would bring slaves to labor in the sugar cane fields. I liked walking around the tourist area of the city, but my favorite part was the area outside of that. I found a small local restaurant that made the BEST curry chicken and potatoes I’ve ever had. Today, I wore a fashion Nova one-piece bathing suit with these pants I bought FOREVER ago from forever 21; the bright colored pattern of my pants were perfect for such a vibrant city.

One thing this trip has helped reinforce in my mind is that there is so much beauty in color – not just the color of the architecture, but also all the different colors of the people around me. I’ve always lived in predominantly white environments and also went to a PWI for college; so when society’s typical standards of beauty look nothing like you, you can forget that there is beauty within you as well. Here, I see so much beauty in the different colors of the people – black, white, brown, light-skinned, dark-skinned – it is all so overwhelmingly beautiful to see. I find beauty in the different hair textures of the people. I find beauty in all the different features of its people. I find beauty within me. Thank you Antigua for helping reinforce this lesson.

Up next, St. Lucia!

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