Offseason Training Goals

With offseason in full swing, Kamalu and I have finally settled into our routine. This is a time we have a lot of things on our minds, but one thought stands out: getting his body ready for next season. Not every season is guaranteed, so the only thing we can do is prepare the best we can for whatever may happen.

If you kept up with my previous football post, you’d know that we’re trying something new this off season – training together. This is an interesting spin to add on to how he usually gets in shape during the off season, but so far, it has been the most fun both of us have had working out. His version of workouts is obviously more rigorous than mine, but I keep up the best I can.

Physically, Kamalu wants to work on polishing his skills and becoming a stronger player at his position (last season was his first time playing Outside Linebacker, originally was a Defensive End). One thing I’ve always admired about Kamalu is that he’s never been afraid to try new things, and is always ready to step into whatever role that is needed of him. Seeing him transform into the player he is today was not an easy process, and the process is always ongoing, but it is rewarding seeing his hard work begin to pay off.

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My goals for these workouts don’t only consist of getting myself in better shape, but to also to love the process. I’ve never liked going to the gym, or eating the cleanest, but so far, working out with Kamalu has been the most fun I’ve ever had getting healthy. For myself, the phrase “better shape” does not have a specific weight goal, body goal, or diet goal; better shape is loving my body, loving what I eat, and finding a workout that I actually LOVE going to. So far, training with Kamalu at Dynamic Sports has fulfilled all my all my workout goals so far. I actually look forward to getting up and working out – especially if you get to do it with your best friend.

Our goals for training doesn’t just focus on the physical side of training, but all around; so that includes getting ourselves mentally prepared for anything that could happen along this journey. Mental toughness is necessary in this line of work because there are a lot of ups, downs, and uncertainties that come when you least expect it. So, having a healthy and positive mindset greatly helps through it all.

I’ll be keeping you all posted along the way, wish us luck!


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