Football Season is done for us… Now What?

With the Texans football season coming to an end, I find myself feeling grateful despite it not being the season Houston had hoped for. That gratefulness comes from knowing Kamalu successfully completed his second year in the NFL. For undrafted free agents like Kamalu, every day you have the opportunity to live out your dreams is a blessing and a goal you have to constantly fight for each day at practice; not every day in the NFL is guaranteed, contract or not. I’m super proud of the Texans for fighting their way through each adversity that came along.

So with the season ending, and the off season finally beginning, what are we up to now? Quite honestly, we’ve been couch potatoes doing very little since the season ended – and I enjoy every single minute of it. During the season, it can be kind of hectic, fast moving, and unpredictable. The first week of offseason is when we just enjoy being still so we can catch our breaths and relax. So that involves lots of comfy clothes, lots of great home cooked food (during the season, he eats breakfast/lunch at the stadium, and dinner at home), and lots of binge watching our favorite shows. I got to enjoy this relaxation to the fullest now, because when he starts his training for the offseason, it’s grind mode all over again.

So far, we have one adventure planned for sure – a cruise to St. Maarten, Antigua, St. Lucia, Barbados, Bonaire, Curacao, and Aruba (definitely going to be blogging about the trip later)! This trip will be one of the first vacations I’ve taken in a very long time because I can be such a homebody, but I’m finally stepping out of my comfort zone to enjoy this trip! This trip will also be good for Kamalu to relax and get his mental right for what’s ahead.

Off season is also a time I spend doing lots of planning because the reality of it is – there is a possibility that he may not play for the Texans next season (I hope he does though! I love it here!) So if we have to move in an instant, we have a smooth well thought out exit strategy.  I always find it kind of ironic planning for the unplanned, but that’s the reality.

This off season, Kamalu wants me to go to training with him to work out too. “Bonding” he calls it, but anyone who knows me knows that the gym and I DO NOT get along. Why can’t we “bond” over a burger and fries?.. Nonetheless, I’ll give it a go and see how it goes.

I’ll be keeping you all updated on the adventures as they come! Until then, these are some photos from the season.

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