The Perfect Way to Relax

So it’s been one of those days… You woke up late. You’re in a rush so you don’t eat the most elegant breakfast. You got a flat tire. You lost your wallet, and on top of that – you got a pimple forming on the most noticeable part of your face right before a big event (Actually happened to me & I was so stressed out I cried for a good hour). 


It could be one of THOSE days where everything could be going perfect. You wore your favorite outfit. You’re feeling good. You’re looking good. You come home and eat a good dinner, and now you’re just chilling and enjoying the rest of your free time for the night with your significant other and your pets (wish these kind of days happened to me more often lol).


Either way, a mini spa session is definitely a great way to start or end any day. The fun thing about this is that it’s a relaxing experience that doesn’t have to break the bank; you can go as boujee or as bargain as you want to be. So whether you want to stop at Bed, Bath, & Beyond and Yankee Candle and ball out, or you’re just at your typical chain grocery store picking up some things, you can find all the items you need to start/end your day on a relaxing note.


I chose the bargain path and got each item in this picture at Walmart, and even better, all these products are under $10 apiece.

Details are down below! *this is not a sponsored post*


Mini Spa Day
Face Mask- $2.50
Body Wash- $4.92
Body Lotion- $3.97
Shea Sugar Scrub- $6.48
Candle- $3.00
Loofah bath sponge- $2.00  


I try and do this once a week and just savor the moment of having some quiet time to reflect on the day while taking care of my body. It also makes a perfect mini-home date with your significant other!



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